About the closure of OnlyFans and where to migrate to


Background of the closure

What led me to end my activities on OnlyFans was that the management of OnlyFans began to treat sex workers (pornography) in an exclusionary manner.

Back in the fall, OnlyFans put out a notice that pornography would be banned completely, and as a result, this was avoided.
However, just because it was avoided this time does not mean that the same problem will not occur next time.

Starting in November, we will require all people who appear in our content to submit their IDs.
This is a necessary step to eliminate the victims of pornography and portrait rights.
However, OnlyFans has revised its terms of service to require all performers to be registered as OnlyFans creators and tagged as such.
Not all Japanese citizens have passports, and not all performers will want to register with OnlyFans.

I was very disappointed with this revision because there are many porn sites that approve performers by submitting their IDs and consent forms.

About the migration destination

Two migration sites are available.

Fansly : https://fansly.com/Tomomi

JustFor.Fans : https://justfor.fans/tomomi_18781

Fansly offers a wide range of plans, from porn to general gravure.

Fansly offers the equivalent of Tier 2 content.
Fansly has a store where you can buy and sell real world items.

For more information, please refer to the following page for a comparison.

The End

I’m very sorry that it has turned out this way after one year.
And I’m also very sorry because OnlyFans was an easy site to use.

The site I’m moving to is relatively more forgiving of pornography, so I have the advantage of being able to post content that I couldn’t handle before.
Thank you for your continued support of Tomomi.