Changes in OnlyFans’ Management Policy


This is to inform you of a major change in the management policy of OnlyFans.

Background of the change

It’s been one year since I started OnlyFans in July 2020.
I’d like to thank everyone who has visited my page.
However, the past few months have also been difficult for me.

OnlyFans has a lot of attractions.
One of them is that the distance between creators and fans is very close.
If I can send a reply to a message, I’m abused, or impose my selfish convenience on me.
Many of those people have come to visit.
If it happened during the free trial period, I thought it was just a case of “there are people like this”, but in some cases, it was too much, and there were even people who paid for a subscription and continued to complain and abuse.
In this case, the free trial is pointless.

I’m a humble creator.
Even so, there are dozens of people with whom I exchange messages on OnlyFans.
I don’t live off of OnlyFans income alone.
I post less often than the creators who live on OnlyFans income.
I wanted to set a price that I thought was reasonable, so I set the price at US$5, which is close to the minimum price for OnlyFans.

This is a kind of work since I’m receiving help in the form of money.
I want to respond to your expectations and requests.
On the other hand, I am also a human being.
I want to be selective about who I interact with as a human being.

Another big reason is that I don’t use a lot of pay-per-view (PPV) messages in my private messages.
As I mentioned earlier, I was aiming for a price and content that I thought was affordable, and I was not comfortable with charging a monthly fee and then charging more for viewing content.
I didn’t get a good response from my followers when I showed my face.
I’ve decided that if I can’t get people to view my content, I’ll just publish the still images on my timeline instead of raising the monthly fee.

As such, the price will be modified around July 10, 2021.
Some of the details have been changed ahead of time.


  1. Change in the monthly cost of subscription
  2. Elimination of the free trial period
  3. Account with free subscription
  4. Timeline postings
  5. Handling of paid messages
  6. Changes to custom video
  7. Interaction with external messaging apps

Change in the monthly cost of subscription

The price will change from US$5 to US$9.5 around July 9-10, 2021.
If you have your subscription turned on at the time of the change, you will receive the following information

  • One pornographic video showing my face.
  • URL for one month free trial.

Elimination of the free trial period

The 2-week free trial has been offered until now, but will be discontinued.
Instead, I’ m going to introduce a discount system, and the first time only will cost about 5$.

Account with free subscription

As a new trial position, I opened an account that is completely free to follow.
Twitter and Instagram have a high probability of posts being deleted, so I’m also planning to use them as a place to store images posted on SNS.

It is only free to follow the account.
Not all content is free.

Timeline postings

With the change in subscription prices, change what I post on my timeline.

  • A reflection of my face : Still and video images were taken while I’m fully clothed.
  • One that doesn’t reflect my face : Still Image Porn.
  • A reflection of my face : Still and video images were taken while I’m fully clothed.
  • A reflection of my face : Still Image Porn.

Handling of paid messages

To handle adult photos with faces in the timeline, photos with faces will no longer be treated as special offers.
I will continue to treat adult videos with faces and relatively long videos as paid messages.

Changes to custom video

At this time, I’ m accepting applications from OnlyFans tomomi_18781 (account with monthly fee).

There will be no change in the basic content. The price will remain at a minimum of US$40.
In addition, if you want an exclusive license, the price will be an additional US$40.

An exclusive license is the right to publish only to those who have ordered it.
If you don’t add an exclusive license, we will post it in a paid message or timeline.

Interaction with external messaging apps

In the past, during the subscription period, I have offered a unique service to exchange messages via external messaging applications if desired.
This time, instead of allowing you to continue messaging even after you turn off your subscription, I’m going to set a price for your contacts.
The price is US$70 per account.
For example, if you want only WhatsApp, it will be US$70, and if you want two, WhatsApp and Instagram, it will be US$140.
I will not send you any photos or videos to prevent unauthorized reproduction.

That’s all.

I’m sure some of you may be surprised by the sudden change.
Please understand that this is for the long-term operation of the site.
Thank you for your continued support.