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Hello. I’m Japanese and I live in Japan.
Selfie, nude, porn, etc. at Fansly and JustFor.Fans.
I also like to travel, so I’m planning to start a vlog!

My English is not good.
I started studying English recently.

Height: 5 feet 1.02 in
Weight: 119.05 lbs
Bust or chest/waist/hip measurements: 3ft 0.61in/2ft 4.7in/2ft 12in
No breast implants, piercings or tattoos.


I’ ve loved foreign countries since I was a child and still prefer them to Japan.
I recently restarted my English studies from scratch, so I can’t speak English at all.
I really enjoy interacting with local people through OnlyFans.
I like all countries rich in nature, but my number one and number two favorite countries are the UK and the US.

As for hobbies, I’ve been into home training for the past four years or so.
What I like most is gaming!
I recently purchased a Nintendo Switch and have started playing Animal Crossing.

I admire the Victoria Secret Angels.
I can’t stop watching the Kardashian and Jenner reality shows and Instagram.
The Kardashians and Jenners are celebrities who look like they just stepped out of a game called sims.
Wouldn’t it be exciting to see in the real world what you can only see in games. XD
I’m a fan of Kylie Jenner (she has such great taste) and Khloe Kardashian (she’s such a caring and friendly sister, I wish I had a family like that)!


Please support me!
Your support is used to pay for costumes and underwear.

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